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Understanding Your Options

Where and why to use these essential pieces

Before you pick trims and moldings for your project, it helps to understand the options we offer—and how each can be used in your design.

  • Threshold Molding (aka Baby Threshold)
    • Use in doorways to finish the edge where flooring ends.

    • Use in doorways to finish the edge where flooring ends.

  • Flush Stair Nose
    • Use on steps, landings and the perimeter of elevated floors to protect edges.

    • Creates a smooth, finished look by connecting at the same level as the flooring.

  • Overlap Stair Nose
    • Use on step downs or landings for a finished appearance and to protect edges.

    • Profile is raised slightly, overlapping the flooring surface.

  • Reducer Strip
    • Slightly sloped to smoothly transition between different types or heights of flooring (hardwood and carpet, for example).

    • Multi-purpose piece can also be used as a room divider or to enhance the design around vertical surfaces like fireplaces and doorways.

  • Quarter Round Molding
    • Cover seams and expansion spaces where hardwood meets baseboards, steps and cabinets

  • T-Molding
    • Transition between different flooring types of the same height or between hardwood floors in adjacent rooms.

    • Can also be used to cover expansion/contraction joints.

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