TimberBrushed™ Wire Brushed White Oak

Three White Oak Collections with On-Trend Colors and Textures

TimberBrushed Platinum Label TimberBrushed Platinum Room Scene

Premium Wire-Brushed Wood Featuring Ultra Wide Widths

8.6˝ width
Matte, low gloss finish
Unique staining process

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TimberBrushed Gold Label TimberBrushed Gold Room Scene

Wire-Brushed Texture & Wide Width Create an Upscale Design

7-1/2˝ width
Matte, low gloss finish
Crafted, yet refined

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TimberBrushed Silver Label TimberBrushed Silver Room Scene

Distinctive Style & Value in a Modern Wire-Brushed Collection

6-1/2˝ width
Matte, low gloss finish
Natural color inspiration

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